Customer Need

The customer needed to accurately control the relative movements of fiber optic pre-form and torch while regulating the precise delivery of several gases simultaneously during the MCVD process.

Custom Systems and Controls was asked to design and build an automated system to effectively perform with the following design specifications:

  • Existing footprint
  • Gas flow delivery minimum 100psi
  • Time restrictions
  • Stay within budget


CSC designed and fabricated controls for the proprietary lathe that contained a Oxygen/Hydrogen torch, controls for gas delivery system (gases included fluorine, erbium, terbium), controls for a laser micrometer that is linked to back pressure in order to control the diameter of the preform which is also linked to the chuck rotation speed in order to compensate for wobble (sag), and fabricated the full enclosure with the required safety features.

Some features of the project are:

  • custom control software w/ GUI
  • software for HMI
  • customized operator controls
  • full enclosure with safety features and custom fume hood

System Components

Mitsubishi PLC
Mitsubishi/Beijers HMI’s
National Instruments LAB Windows
Festo Pneumatics
Mitsubishi Servo Motors
Windows Based Industrial Computer
irCon Pyrometer
Keyence Laser Micrometer
Tylan and Unit mass flow controllers (MFC’s)


CSC was able to successfully complete the project for the client on time and on budget. The project was such a success that the client had CSC fabricate 2 additional systems. All 3 systems have been in service for over 22 years and have not required any major repairs.