Custom Systems and Controls handles a variety of Vision Systems for a wide range of needs. Typically these types of applications will use an area or line scan camera for measurement and defect detection.

Listed below are a few examples of our past Vision System projects:

Networkable Inspection

Medical Device - Networkable Inspection

An automated vision system that communicated with a central controller. The controller takes data from the system and records it in the customer's database, after recording the data it would notify the operator that the data had been recorded. There were multiple systems that inspected different areas of a part that all communicated back to the database.

Asphalt Web Inspection

Asphalt Web - Defect Inspection

An automated vision system to inspect an asphalt web for the presence and spacing of multiple strips of adhesion material (glue strip).

Glass Tile Inspection

Glass Tile - Measurement and Defect Inspection

An automated vision system to take bulk amounts of glass mosaic tile, inspect and load into a tube. The system is easily changed to accommodate different sizes and colors of tile by loading different recipes into the system. All tile that do not meet specification are blown off into a reject bin and removed from the process.

Multi-layer Fluiditic Device

Multi-Layer Fluidic Device - Defect Inspection

An automated vision system to inspect for particulates and defects in a cartridge that is used to test and analyze a fluid.