Networkable Inspection Enclosure Networkable Inspection System

Customer Need

A medical device company had several parts which were being spot tested using a CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) with a test time of approximately 30 seconds per part. To ensure product quality, they wished to implement 100% inspection at several different stages of the process. All dimensional measurements needed to be recorded so that yields and tolerances could be monitored.


CSC developed a software solution which allowed for multiple vision systems to communicate with a central controller. This controller would take data from the systems and record it in the customer's database, after recording the data it would notify the operator that the data had been recorded. From the central controller, management can see which measurement stations are online and what they are doing. Utilizing only Keyence's XG vision controller at each inspection station, operators are able to inspect parts in under 100ms.

System Components

  • Keyence XG-7502 Vision Controller
  • 2MP Color Camera
  • i7 Fanless PC
  • MySQL
  • IAI Linear Actuator


These projects were a major accomplishment in planning and coordinating many solutions that were all interconnected. Additionally, CSC provided Crystal Reports and templates that allowed for rapid generation of production reports. This project greatly improved product consistency and improved the engineering's visibility into the manufacturing process.