Customer Need

A medical device company that uses a multi-layered fluidic device to introduce fluids into a test system was manually inspecting them for particulates and defects in any of the mechanisms. Due to the manual inspection process rejects were inconsistent and varied from operator to operator. The client wanted to make this consistent, as well as increase the time to inspect each piece.


Due to the color, translucence and reflectiveness of the material, setting up the lighting to properly light all the defects was difficult. CSC engaged in a preliminary engagement to see if the necessary lighting conditions were possible. Once this was proven, CSC designed and fabricated the remainder of a benchtop inspection system that contained a 5MP monochrome camera with a macro lens mounted to a breadboard. The device is nested to high-speed motorized XY scanning stage that allows for the precision movement that is needed to inspect all areas of the device.

System Components

  • Keyence XG-X Controller
  • 5MP Camera
  • Telecentric Lens


The system was successfully delivered to the client and able to exceed required throughput and defect detection.