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Customer Need

Due to the need for increased speed, accuracy and 24/7 production, the client required to automate a process that was currently manual. Two strategic locations on a packaging line were determined to be the best areas for the automation.

In one location, bricks of 5 cassettes were taken off of a conveyor and placed and stacked on a cart, and in another location the bricks were taken off of a cart and place onto to a conveyor.

The client was requesting the 2 robotic cells with Epson 6-Axis robots to be developed and integrated into the existing line. Both lines had the following requirements:

  • 18 Bricks per minute
  • Each cell would be able to hold 2 carts
  • Robot will pick up 2 bricks at a time
  • Bricks could not be dropped and not to exceed 40G of force
  • Repeatability – 840 Bricks without error
  • Light curtains and other standard safety features
  • Restricted to specified footprint


CSC designed and built 2 separate cells had the capability of exceeding the throughput required by the client from testing to packaging.

System Components

Custom Gripper
EPSON RC4 table top mount 6-axis robot
Habey fanless SFF embedded PC
Dorner 2200 Series Conveyor
Mitsubishi Variable Frequency Drive
Light Curtain


With the system that was implemented CSC was able to exceed the ROI required by the client. Due to the success of exceeding these requirements and completing the project prior to it's due date, the client engaged with CSC on an additional project.