Custom Systems and Controls handles a wide variety of robotic applications in many different environments including SCARA, Cartesian, 6-Axis robots and others. Each project is tailored to the customers specific requirements.

In addition to full turnkey systems, CSC can also provide a semi-custom robot platform called ROBOKIT that can be adapted to your specific application.

Listed below are a few examples of CSC's past projects:

Photo of CSC project

Semiconductor - Pick and Place

An automated system to pneumatically pick up 3mm x 3mm semiconductor parts off of a JEDEC tray and place them into a custom test fixture to calibrate.  The system could contain up to three cells that would calibrate for ambiant, cold and heated environments.

Photo of CSC project

Collate and Packing - Six Axis

An automated system to collate and stack bricks of 5 cassettes with a six-axis robot. There were 2 locations on the line that required the robotic cells. The first location the bricks were removed from the conveyor and stacked on a cart.  In the other location they were taken from the cart and placed on the conveyor.

Photo of CSC project

Laser Marking - Wafer Handling

A Wafer Marking System designed to Class 100 Clean Room specifications. The system included a pre-aligner and wafer handling robot to ensure all requirements from the client were met.

Photo of CSC project

Osmometer - Pick and Place

Designed to automate laboratory work and reduce the time for cell culture process optimization, this high throughput multi-sample Osmometer incorporates eight computer controlled osmometers and a robotic pick and place sample handling system.