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Customer Need

The client needed the controls and enclosure of a precision vertically mounted machine lathe fabricated and designed. The headstock chuck, tailstock chuck, and torch assembly were provided by the client.

Custom Systems and Controls was asked to design and build a system to effectively perform with the following design specifications:

  • Limited Budget
  • Fit specific footprint
  • Headstock and tailstock move independently and synchronously
  • Torch will have XYZ axes of motion
  • Sealed enclosure to contain up to 4 inches of water
  • Appropriate safety features


CSC designed and fabricated controls for the proprietary vertical lathe that contained a Oxygen/Hydrogen plasma torch, controls for gas delivery system, and fabricated the frame and full enclosure.

Some features of this project are:

  • Liquid cooled enclosure panels
  • Custom Laser Scanner
  • Custom control software w/ GUI
  • Exhaust ports
  • Software for HMI

System Components

Mitsubishi PLC
Mitsubishi/Beijers HMI’s
Windows Based Panel PC
Festo Solenoids
Baldor Servo motors
National Instruments Lab/WINDOWS
Keyence Laser Micrometer
System Components


CSC was able to successfully complete the project to meet and exceed all specifications and tolerances requested by the client. This system has been in service for over 15 years with no major repairs and continues to remain in use.