Custom Systems and Controls handles a variety of Precision Measurement projects for a wide range of industries. Some examples of the measurement devices used in our applications are laser profilometers, cameras and high resolution linear actuators.

Listed below are a few examples of our past Precision Measurement projects:

Blade Deposition Measurement

Paper Processing - Blade Deposition Measurement

A system to inspect the edge and measure the thickness of the coating on a metal web. A custom application was also created to save all data into a database.

PCB Post Height Inspection

Medical Device - PCB Heat Stake Post Height Measurement

An automated system to measure and inspect the attachment of a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) to a plastic body via thermal staking.

Steering Yoke Inspection

Automotive - 3-Axis Coordinate Steering Yoke Inspection

A semi-automated assembly cell for inserting a rubber end plug into a shaft assembly and measuring the connection dimensions between the mandrel and yoke.

Soldered Wire Profile Inspection

Medical Device - Soldered Wire Profile Inspection

An automated 3D profilometer inspection system that inspects the profile of a soldered wire for multiple defects and marks them with different colors that corresponds to the particular defect.