Telecentric Laser Marker Telecentric Laser Marker Telecentric Laser Marker

Customer Need

Custom Systems and Controls was asked to build a Laser Marking System to mark an array of over 2000 sections of 1mm x 1mm semiconductor with two lines of text and a logo.


CSC designed a Laser Marking System composed of a laser integrated with a telecentric lens that was capable of producing text smaller than 300μm tall. The laser was aligned to the parts by a customized vision system that used markings around the edges of the array to determine the exact position of each individual square. It updated the master alignment of the laser which updated each program in the database.

System Components

  • Keyence Telecentric T1000 Laser Marker
  • Intel i7 Fan-less PC
  • Keyence XG-7702 Vision Controller
  • 2D Bar Code Reader
  • Self Leveling Bread Board Table
  • Conveyor with Automated Wafer Cassette Load/Unload


CSC was able to successfully complete the project on time and on budget. The client is able to mark parts with the required accuracy. In fact the system is accurate enough that that the laser is capable of running the same array over 30 times without skewing any text. A second identical system was ordered based on increased sales and is also currently in operation.

Laser Marking Samples