Custom Systems and Controls handles a variety of Laser Marking Systems for a wide range of needs. Many of the applications mark small areas (300μm) and are repeatable with a very high accuracy (over 2,000 times). We have experience marking on a variety of materials including: metal, plastic, semiconductor and glass.

Listed below are a few examples of CSC's past Laser Marking projects:

Photo of CSC project

Semiconductor Array - Telecentric Green Laser

A fully automated Laser Marking System to mark a semiconductor array of over 2,000 sections of 1mm x 1mm parts with two lines of text and a logo at 300μm. Capable of running over 30 arrays without skewing any text.

Photo of CSC project

Medical Implant - 3-Axis Fiber Laser

A marking system for cylindrical metal components, ranging in type and size, with multiple marks on each part. The parts varied in size from 4.5mm – 8.5mm in diameter and 25mm – 800mm in length. All parts needed a lot number, part number and logo printed on them varying from 1.0mm – 2.3mm in height. Also, some parts required to be printed at a 15° angle and have circumferential lines.

Photo of CSC project

Semiconductor Wafer - Telecentric Green Laser

A laser marking System which could handle, mark, and OCR 200mm and 400mm wafers, suitable for a Class 100 clean room fabrication. The system was required to handle 1-25 wafers in a single run. All wafers are marked with a part number and a 2D barcode. All part numbers are between 1.15mm and 1.60mm in height have to be placed with +/- 1.00mm accuracy.

Photo of CSC project

Optical Filter - CO2 Laser

A laser marking system to mark glass optical filter tiles of different thicknesses and opacity. The system was required to eliminate any fixturing due to the sensitive nature of the material.