Optical Filter Laser Marker Optical Filter Laser Marker Optical Filter Laser Marker

Customer Need

Custom Systems and Controls was asked to build a Laser Marking System to mark glass optical filter tiles of different thicknesses and opacity. Due to the sensitive nature of the material it was extremely desirable to eliminate any kind of fixturing.


CSC designed a Laser Marking System with an X-Y gantry that holds a mounting plate to position a tray of tiles lined up in a grid formation on cleanroom cloth. The gantry is positioned by a PC application that integrates information from a vision system to located each part and modify the position of the laser. This allows for reproducible marking without the need for part fixtures.

System Components

  • Keyence CO2 Laser Marker
  • Intel Core i5-Series Embedded Fanless Box PC
  • XG-7702 5MP controller
  • IAI Linear Actuators


CSC was able to successfully complete the project on time and on budget. The client is able to run all programs from the custom software and make adjustments as needed. In addition, an internal database allows them to easily add new products with custom vision and laser programs if necessary.